Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2012 Year in Review Part 1

Wow!  Have I been absent or what?  *S*  Sorry about that, it always seems like I never have enough hours in the day to get done what I want.  (Notice I said want to do there, not what needs done...geeze, I'd be super busy if I did what I needed to do!  *L*)

Anywho, I thought I'd take ya'all back on a quick little journey through our 2012...I'll try to make those 12 months fly by...but you all should know me by now!  ;-) 

January is always conflicting for me...I love the new beginning it brings, but it makes me sad too.  It also marks another year without my mom...I miss that lady so, so much!  It's normally always cold, which means a lot of indoor time spent with the munchkins, which can be super fun...they have their sibling moments too, but I hear that's normal.  Januay 2012 was just that...January.  It was a quiet month, which we aren't really used to, but it felt nice not to have to run somewhere every week!  The kids helped their daddy turn another year older last January...we don't make a big fuss out of the day, but we do center our activities and menu around his favorite things...that's just how we roll at this house!  *L*

February just rolled around in no time...you know, again it was a fairly quiet month...outside of those nasty viruses floating around, in January both kids had something going on with these old bugs and in February poor Rhenner got something again.  (These two are going to turn into some form of antibiotic before it's all said and done!)  We found ways to keep ourselves entertained throughout the cold, dreary, sick filled days though, we played games, made up songs...anything to pass the time away.  Plus, there is always Valentine's Day this month...oh how the kids look forward to this little holiday!!  Yes, I save every card they get from their classmates, and they go into a scrapbook for them at the end of the year!!  I'm just crafty like that!!  *LOL*  (Speaking of which, I need to get caught up on those....YIKES!!)

March is usually a busy month, but a good busy, ya know what I mean?  Weather is trying to get better and new life is poppin' up from the flowers and trees...yep, it's a good month.  We stay busy this month helping some of the closest people to us celebrate their special days...I won't list each one, I didn't do that for January and February, and I don't want to cause dissention among the months!!  ;-)  (I know I'm crazy...stick around, you'll figure it out too!!)  Again, I'm not complaining in the least, but it feels so weird not to have to go to an appointment every week!!  This could spoil us, let me tell ya!!  How could I forget St. Patrick's Day??  The kids LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this little holiday as well!!  There is this little leprechaun that pays a visit to our house every year...his name is Louie, in case you were wondering...and leaves gold wrapped candy all over the place...he's quite the messy little guy!!  The kids think it's a hoot, and hey, as long as they are happy...this momma is too!!!! 

Oh my, are we at April already??  Are you bored yet??  *S*  The nasties left us alone in April, thank Heavens!  We spent the month helping some more special people celebrate their day and oh, don't let me forget Easter!!  (Are you noticing a trend here??)  The kids had a blast at their Pap Charlie and MiMim Brenda's Easter Egg Hunt!  I remember some pretty special Easter Egg hunts myself from my youth (hey, I'm NOT that old!!  *LOL*)  and these memories will last with the kids forever!!  I often wish that life wasn't so fast paced, then people would have time to visit family and friends more often!  *sigh*  Such is life I suppose!

Ahhh, May!!  One of the busiest months of my year...and I wouldn't have it any other way!!  With the kids being in school now, their little functions can keep me busy (that and my own ability to not say NO...just kidding!) I am constantly doing something that is school related.  This month saw both of them at different schools with different end of the year fun days, the kids so look forward to these days every year, and I'm glad the school is able to let them have these days for fun!!!  I absolutely love volunteering at these schools!!!  It makes me happy to help out and I love the fact that, not only my kids' friends, but other kids in different grades than mine, know me!  They smile and speak to me outside of school, and it's an awesome feeling, to know that if even for a split second you made someones day!  I wouldn't trade the craziness of it (sometimes) for anything in the world! 
The end of May started the rollercoaster ride of the summer for us.  Rhenner and his little leg...after not complaining and playing and jumping around on it for almost 2 weeks, we find out it's fractured in 3 places.  This kids is SUPER AMAZING!!  Here we go...strap on your seatbelts, it's about to get bumpy!!

June didn't slow down for us either, with trying to figure out how the 3 fractures happened with Rhenner, Raina must have thought she was getting enough attention!  (Not really, it was truly an accident...we just teased her and her brother both about trying to keep up with the other...so inside family joke, don't hang me for my sense of humor!  *S*)  The first day of summer and Raina was finally getting to go over to a friends house...I don't even think they were 15 minutes into the playdate when I got the phone call...Talk about a long trip to Sistersville Hospital, I was trying to get there as fast as I could, yet taking it slow as not to jar Baby Diva's arm too much.  Anyone have some extra Prozac laying around at this point??  Momma is trying not to lose it here!  ;-)  She had emergency surgery the next morning and was casted up and good to go!  We were still working on Rhen's dx though, in Pittsburgh...I will not go that direction again for such a thing...'nuff said about that! 

So, there are the first six months of 2012 in a nutshell...I will do the last 6 here shortly, for now, I have a little girl who is saying something about being hungry.  Better go take care of that!  Until the next post...

Peace, <3 and ~HUGS~

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