Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2012 Year In Review Part 2

Are you still with me after the first six months???  If you are, THANK YOU!  Onward we tread...

July is still somewhat of a blur...was I headed to Pittsburgh, Marietta, Wheeling????  I had to constantly look at my calendar to make sure I was headed in the right direction when I pulled out of the driveway!!  Raina was healing nicely, but we still had nothing definite on Rhen's little leg!!  I was starting to let that mommy worrywart syndrome kick in!!  I wanted answers and Pittsburgh just wasn't giving them to me!  So, I called in some back up!!  I got them to get the ball rolling for a visit to a new ortho doctor over in Morgantown...ball took off!!!  We had an appointment set up immediately and the very next day after that appointment, we were right back over there for a biopsy!  That's the kind of service a momma wants for her babes...no matter how old they are, or what is going on!!! 

August always brings excitement and dread to the two kids that reside here!  *L*  The excitement stems from the fair and the dread comes the Monday after the fair ends...SCHOOL!  *S*  It's always a countdown to the fair at this house once school is out in May/June!  I must say, I remember those times myself, when you just couldn't wait for the fair to get here so you could ride the rides and see your friends that you hadn't seen since school let out!  Ahhh, memories!!  ;-)  School gets the kids back into the swing of a schedule, and we start to settle into it and wait for the colder weather so we can bundle up inside and have some good old fashioned family fun!  Bring on the board games and the Wii!!  Just sayin'!!  At least we found out the biopsy results for Rhenner this month too...after a long time of only hearing, 'I'm sorry, we are still waiting ourselves for them to be read.'  We will keep an eye on that leg even more so than what we did before...he's not out of the woods with it by no means, but out enough that we can breath and wait for that next bridge when it pops up!!

Ahhh, September!  Let the colds, fevers and whatnot's start anew!  I kid you not, not even two weeks into school and already one of my two is home sick taking meds!  Raina caught it first!!  I was so hoping to avoid such things this year, but it looks like it's going to be the same old, same old at this house...I do know I'm not the only one with this happening to, but just let me wallow in a touch of self pity for a few minutes!  ;-)  All-right, there, I feel better!!  Toward the end of the month, while both munchkins were feeling all right, we went and got their flu shots!!  Hopefully, that stays away from this house!!  Wow, I can't believe this year has flown by so quickly...and that I hope I haven't bored you to tears catching little snippits of our lives!  ;-)

October!!!???!!!!  Didn't this crazy year just start??  Oh well, guess who turned 6 this month??!! Yep, that's right, Raina Skye!!  I honestly thought I just brought her home from the hospital yesterday!!  Boy, when you are told that they grow up fast, please believe it...cause they do!!!  I've been busy volunteering at the school with only a few little appointments thrown in for good measure for Rhenner and Raina.  Something else awesome happened this month...Raina lost her first tooth!!  Talk about excited, she sure was!!  They looked forward to the end of the month and Halloween!!  Rhen was a SWAT guy this year and Raina was FrankieStine from Monster High!  They had a blast going into Sistersville and watching their costume parade and then hitting the streets of Middlebourne the following week!!  It was a good year for the trick or treaters...it was unclear if it would be, they had called for a snow storm for the night that it was supposed to be in town, but luckily it went a different direction and the kids got to trick or treat!!!

November it is!!  Rhenner is growing up so fast!!!  He turned 9 this month!!  He didn't want much of a fuss...just one of his buddies to come over and stay all night on the weekend before his birthday and then a small family gathering for his birthday on the 13th!!!  Have I mentioned how much I love this kid and his little sister????  *S*  They have definitely made my life complete!!!  Rhenner had his class play this month as well, and daddy and I helped work on it and build things for it and the girls that work down at the the flower shop painted buildings for it!!  It ROCKED, and I'm so not just saying that because we worked on it!!  The kids put their hearts and souls into this play!!  Kudos to the third grade teachers as well for picking such an inspiring, entertaining play for the kids to perform!!  The holidays are upon us now and with Thanksgiving under our belts, it's time to start making plans and decorating for the big man's arrival in December...Santa, that is...didn't want anyone to get that confused with that whole end of the world thing people are talking about!  ;-) 

Hey, you know what??  We are almost done with this...well, I mean I am, I don't have no mouse in my pocket!  ;-) 

December!!  Another month I love, yet have issues with!!  I love the holiday season...it's the days leading up to it that just bite for me...not the shopping, oh no, I love shopping!!!  December has turned into the month that Rhen now has his yearly MRI in...I honestly can't get into the Christmas spirit until after this MRI is done and we have the results!  This year it was on December 3rd...we went over to Morgantown on the 2nd to attend a bowling party that the oncology department threw for the patients and their families...Rhenner had a BLAST!!  Raina did too!!  Heck, it was nice to have the distraction from what was coming the next day.  We stayed overnight and went to the hospital first thing the morning of the 3rd!!  We have learned over the years to not lose it completely while he's back in the machine, but dang, those minutes feel like HOURS!!  He opted to get his loopy medicine through an iv this year...normally he has to drink something, and he always gets sick, we got through the iv needle stick like a PRO!!  (Let me tell ya, this Rhen kid is AMAZING!!)  He woke up a lot quicker by doing this as well...Dr. Paul personally came out to the waiting room to get us and give us the news!!  No tumor, everything looks GOOD!!!!  Praise God and Merry Christmas!!!!  Time to kick start that holiday spirit!!  ;-) 
The end of the year saw both my kids battling some sort of nasty crud...Raina's turned out to be strep throat this time, the poor girl has been tested time after time, and this time it was positive!  No school for either of them for days on end...Raina did manage to go back for the last two days before break...Rhenner, nope...I just can't send them when they don't feel good!!

Well, so there ya have it...2012 in a nutshell...I say BRING ON 2013!!!  I have no idea what it holds in store for our little family, but we'll take it as it comes...we've learned to roll that way!!!  HAPPY NEW YEAR blog land!!!  I promise to be a better blogger this year...hope you all will continue to follow me and share my crazy, wild journey with others!!! 

Until next post...
Peace, <3 and ~HUGS~

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  1. You know I am still trying to figure out where the time goes. I guess we enjoy our kids too much and time flies when you're having fun!