Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Waiting Game

So, gonna give a brief update on Mr. Rhenner's biopsy and then two little munchkins need baths before bed.  *S*

I have talked to Dr. Paul the last two nights, briefly.  As of right now we have no definite answers about anything, only that the results are leaning towards a very rare bone tumor.  Dr. Paul, Dr. Lindsay and the pathologist have all put their heads together and decided to send a sample off to John Hopkins.  We will hopefully know something sometime Monday, August 6th...Dr. Paul said if I had not heard from him before Monday afternoon, to give him a call!  (Have I mentioned how much we LOVE Dr. Paul???  He's absolutely awesome!!)

So, this waiting game that has haunted me most of the summer continues...until then, I will let my boy be just that, a boy (for the most part, his little leg makes me put the whammies on certain things, but he totally understands).  I stress and worry when the kids are asleep, for that hour or so before I make myself go to bed...while they are awake, I'll enjoy being distracted by their little fights and fits of giggles...we will dance and sing like no one is watching...that's just how we roll!  *S*

So, until the next post...Peace, <3 and ~HUGS~

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